Age Limitation: Medical care will be provided to your child from newborn to age 18 years. At age 16-17, we will start transitioning our patient to a family physician.

Demographic Changes: Please notify our staff immediately if your address, telephone number or email address has change. Otherwise, please update your information by clicking on patient portal of

At Every Medical Visit: Your child should always be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or an authorized person whose name is in your child’s medical records.

For Further Medical Evaluation: We will transfer medical care to the pediatric hospitalist team at one of our local hospitals or send your child to the nearest urgent care facility or emergency room for further evaluation and treatment.

Telephone Calls / Medical Paperwork to be completed by Medical Provider: Please leave a detailed message with our friendly medical receptionist so that our nurse or medical provider will call you back before the end of the business day. Please return to the medical office for your child’s paperwork after 48 hours of submission.

Shot/Vaccine Record: Updated shot records and the appropriate VIS forms will be given to you when your child receives any vaccine. Vaccine records will not be faxed but they can be mailed out to an address of your choice. Please complete a medical release form at the time of request.

After business hours: Please call the answering service at 318______________,if you need to reach the after- hours medical provider. A medical Provider is on-call 24hours 7 days a week.

Food and Beverages: In keeping with OSHA compliance, we discourage food and beverages in the triage and exam rooms.

Cell Phones: We encourage you to turn off cell phones while in the triage and exam rooms.

Divorced parents: The parent who brings the child for the office visit is responsible for any copayment and / or deductible payments at the time of service. Receipts will be provided upon request. We will not be involved in any legal agreements.

School and Work Excuses: These will be given at the time of each medical visit. They will not be back dated.

ADHD/ADD medication refills: Your child will have to be evaluated every other month with a conduct/grade note from your child’s teacher at this visit. The month that your child does not need to be seen, please call at least one day ahead before picking up the prescription. Only an authorized person with and ID whose name is in your child’s chart will be able to sign and collect this prescription.


Co-pays and deductibles: These are due at the time of your visit and all outstanding balances will be collected before your visit. These balances are applied to your account as soon as your insurance plan sends a plausible explanation for the lack of reimbursement.
Return Checks: This will attract a $25.00 fee plus any bank fee incurred. Similar checks will no longer be accepted if it occurs a second time.

Over Due Balances: After 90 days have passed, outstanding balances will be forwarded to collections.
Insurance information: Incorrect insurance information given will automatically means you are responsible for the full payment of the visit.

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